Busted Boot. psychic transmission in primitive stereo CD-R

busted boot folder

Busted Boot
psychic transmission in primitive stereo CD-R
1. exo-skeleton
2. synthesizer by the fire
3. chalice of wisom
4. dreams Are digital
5. great wall

Dirty organ-heavy reggae and brain-bending, bassguitar-thru-synthbox dub jams drenched with analog stompbox noisescapes and reverb tribal percussion. Melodic guitar- and synth-work make sure this half-hour EP isn’t short of any ambient industrial electronica and even a little rock ‘n roll.

PayPal: slowfidelity@hotmail.com

$7.00 PPD in USA, $9.00 PPD to Canada.
For int’l/world shipping, email slowfidelity@hotmail.com

busted boot CD-R


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