Digital Research s/t CD-R

Digital Research

Digital Research
s/t CD-R
1. Ambubachi Mela
2. The Blood Palace of Cinnabar
3. Greed
4. Metal Properties
5. Virtuoso
6. Hex
7. One or the Other
8. Urban Puzzle
9. Inside the Temple
10. Ruin I
11. Ruin II
12. Ruin III

Throughout the autumn of 2011 Silver Spring, Maryland free-tronica/electro-prov group Psychedelic Jam Band (P.J.B.) began to collaborate on new music with computer specialist and good friend Eddie Neuhauser. With a dual-chamber (live room, control room) space secured in the basement of a newly-furnished Northwest DC rowhouse, the Digital Research project was born from constant recording of jamming-out on electronic instruments, mapping samples to keyboards, designing synth patches, and rigorous late-night post-production. Warm, flowing pads, 808-kit hits, ambient synthesized harmonies, and playful MIDI plucked strings create 38 minutes of sounds that seem to be coming from between late-’80s synth-pop and early-’90s IDM (of course slowed down with a heavy dose of alcohol). Unlike the P.J.B.’s studio recordings, there are no overdubs here – all instruments played to track live and in full ensemble. Appearances by members of Noise Complaint, Eulot Mauta.


$9.00 PPD in USA, $11.00 PPD to Canada.
For int’l/world shipping, email

DR cd-r pack


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